Ramlakan School…

It seems we couldn’t start the day without some kind of panic, having woken at 9:15 when we were being picked up 15 minutes later. Who can blame us…

The books were packed up in the boot of Cara’s car, ready for a new home. We arrived at Ramlakan Primary School, driving through what seemed to be a ghost town to reach it, where the children had already walked many miles and participated in lessons for hours before we appeared.
Our welcome was extra-ordinairy. The children and teachers had prepared a showcase of singing, reading and dancing, and our participation was required… The array of talent was eye opening, and the principal,Ms Kaunda, is very proud of her learners. In the history of the school, only one of the former pupils has attended univerIMG_2327sity, but Ms Kaunda strives for
Ramlakan to be a centre of excellence and her efforts arevery obvious. She hopes that, with the new library, her children will be given opportunity to read and learn.

The feat of moving the books into the room that will be the library was made seamless by the help of the
boys from grades 4-6 and the four members of staff: Ms Manyoni, Ms Ngcaweni, MsIMG_2345
Mbokazi and Ms Blose. We enlisted ten lovely students to help us for the day, their first task being to collect 26 rocks for each letter of the alphabet, these were to be book ends for the fiction section. Posters were made for the non-fiction books, which were duly labelled by the colour key we had created.

The great liberation libraries stamp was unveiled! The girls sorting the fiction bIMG_2282ooks quickly got to work stamping the books and arranging them on the shelves and they did a wonderful job. Although there was much to be done, we couldn’t deny the kids from a quick peek at books which they were interested
in. The unpacking of the science box was soon surrounded by a cluster of keen readers who marvelled at the 3D ‘Body’ book and pictures.

The itinerary for tomorrow includes further organising, bookmark making and the donating of the laptops.

As a final note, the donate button on the site has now been activated.

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  1. Go Bella! Great stuff! Will get into the donate button immediately!!! Keep going, it’s a fantastic job you are doing. Xxxxxx

  2. Amazing achievement girls!!!
    Super proud of you Bella.
    Huge hugs from us all here in Edinburgh xxxxx

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