Our exciting last day

It was an early morning yesterday in order to make it to Ekunzemulunda in time for the start of the school day to finish off the library. Sadly, this is our last day!

We had such a fantastic timlast day 1e interacting with the learners; we read to them, and them to us. Their excitement as we showed a grade 6 class some of their new books was infectious, and we can’t wait for the school to benefit from the books.

A particular favourite moment was making a cardboard dinosaur and puzzle with the class. The dinosaur came with little instruction and we spent a long time puzzling over the various parts! However the end result was an excellent T-rex and definitely worthwhile.

After lunch, we headed to Ebendle to install a similar library system and bring books. The operation was going smoothly when disaster struck! A bracket off one of the shelves fell off the wall and over 100 fiction books arranged in alphabetical order cascaded onto the floor, undoing oulast day 2r previous work. We discoered that the 2 shelves that had been previously installed were rotten, and instead had to use the shelves that Proph had installed and we improvised using 2 low tables as further shelves.

We had a great time visiting some of the grades in their classrooms, reading Hairlast day 4y Mclairy (Bella’s favourite) and taking selfies with everyone.

We had the pleasure of meeting Dr Devan Singh from the KwaZulu-natal Department of Education, and we thank him for his time and generous offer to install Microsoft Office packages ilast day 4n┬áthe 10 laptops we donated to Ramlakan. We are so excited that we have taken a step forwards with the laptops and that they can be incorporated further into the learners’ curriculum.



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