Macambini Resource Centre

Our dream in 2014 was to be able to build a free-standing library, that could serve both the adults and children in the community. 

Since then, this has blossomed into quite an ambitious plan; to build a resource centre with electricity, running water, wireless connection, computers, art resources and thousands of books. While we are still dreaming, this now seems to be more of a reality.

In July 2016, it was flagged to us that there might be a potential site in Macambini in the centre of the community. When we visited this potential site we were blown away by the potential it held. Not only is it a flat, large plot of land, but already an abandoned but intact building exists, which we now plan to extend. The site really is in the centre of the community, surrounded by the community hall, tribal court, and football field.

Current Activity

Since our last visit, there has been lots of activity on furthering the Macambini Resource Centre. Much of this has been undertaken by Cara Dunlop. We are very excited to move into the future, with the changes this growth may bring. 

Cara has met with potential stakeholders and others interested in the project in the last few weeks, including Project Build, Tongaat Hulett, Sima Misa. 



Project Build

The Project Build Trust is an NGO working out of Durban 'to build educational buildings for the learners and educators of KwaZulu-Natal, as well as community facilities'
They believe in empowerment through education is vital, and for this to happen schools and communities must be equipped with suitable classroom and resource spaces.

More Information can be found at Their Website.

We have been working with Project Build Trust since Autumn 2016, and they have produced a fantastic overall layout for the Centre.

Provisional Centre Layout