Welcome to Liberation Libraries.

Liberation Libraries is a charity set up in 2015, the aim is to bring the joy of reading to communities who do not have access to libraries.

In 2011, Bella Mclaughlan visited a school in Uganda, giving them a collection of Michael Morpurgo books. The school that she visited had no books, no stationary and very old and worn learning material. In the Uk many people take education for granted, and all the resources they have access to, however during her visit to Uganda she saw the difference that good reading and learning material would make, and 4 years later she decided, with Clara Portwood to set up Liberation Libraries.

We collect books to help communities to get reading, we are mainly focused on schools and in the last two years have supplied 3 schools with a fully fuctioning library. We can see the difference that the libraries have made; re-visitng Ramlakan primary school it is obvious the advances the pupils have made in their reading and their confidence has increased when reading out load.

We believe that reading should be a right, not a privilege, that everyone should have the access to a good book. Books are away to extend imagination and knowledge as well as a promotion of education. This is why we hope to build a library/community centre, that will benefit 16 schools and the community around it.

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If you would like to donate books or stationary or pre-loved laptop computers you can find all of our details on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

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