Hello South Africa!

We have finally arrived, after much drama! Having rushed into Heathrow Airport with 6 bags of books and lots of excitement, we were greeted with devastating news at check in: the affidavits needed for children to travel into the country were not all correct…

Thankfully, the problem was only a case of mixed up last names and was resolved after half an hour. A big thank you to the lady at the check in desk who was so good-humoured and patient! With no time to spare, we sprinted through the airport at breakneck speed, barely stopping to stuff some pre-emptive dinner down (even though it was only 5pm) and finally boarded the plane. At long last, we’d finally made it past the first step!

Despite the flight being a 11 hour overnighter, it went very smoothly and we tried to get as much sleep as possible! The wonderful BA crew were very interested in finding out about our trip, and once we touched down in Johannesburg, one of the stewardesses found us at the baggage carousel and kindly gifted us BA kids bags.

Our journey was not yet over! We then headed for our domestic flight from Johannesburg to Durban.  It was another case of sprinting through the building to get to the plane. Finally allowed to relax…slightly, we settled into our seats for what was the last leg of our journey.


Then the hard work began…
Landing in Durban, we were whisked away by the lovely Cara to get straight down to work. Without a moment to chill after the flights, we spent the day logging, categorising and labelling the first batch of books – the fiction ones. Finally clocking off at 6pm, we were practically keeling over with exhaustion. But we felt we’d achieved something.

At the end of the day we had logged 375 fiction books (all handwritten!) andIMG_1868 labelled nearly as many. We also categorised the non fiction books into 7 groups and prepared for the next day at Ramlakan Primary School. We are so excited for tomorrow!!


Now we need some sleep!IMG_1877



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  1. Wow! I am awestruck! What an incredible achievement! Such an amazing, rewarding , heartfelt adventure. How’s Dad?!?!

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