Future Library: Our dream

Our dream when we first set out almost 2 years ago was to build a standalone library, where the whole community would benefit. We can now say that the project is officially underway!

Today we visited a potential site, next to the Tribal Court in Macambini and opposite an existing community centre and football field. This is incredibly advantageous as the site is in the centre of the community. However the site was more than we could have imagined. There is already an existing derelict building, which was abandoned midway through construction which we can absorb into our design. The building needs a bit of fixing up; paint, electricity, flooring, shelving and furniture, but the former is much less expensive than building a whole new structure.

Even better than the preexisting building, we were privileged with a visit from the tribal chief to inquire about the site and obtain his permission to build on the site. The Chief was enthusiastic about education and commented that he wants his people to improve their english and the children can use the resources to complete the research component of their curriculum. He has also agreed that we could use the communities electricity source, and the site will be secured as soon as possible.

We are incredibly grateful to the Chief, and cannot express how excited we are to begin the project!

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


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