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St Christopher’s primary school: We took the opportunity to leVersion 2arn further details about the Red Cap foundation which St Christopher’s is a part of.

Under this they benefit from a large amount of learning materials and extra tuition in drama, art, music and dance, which is otherwise not included in the curriculum. A particular interest of ours was their tablets project, other technology and storage of their collection of books.
The book storage units were designed by
he foundation and are not only mobile but also secure. The foundation maintains the schools’ large collection of computers and ensures that they are used to their maximum potential through learning schemes via Youtube. One of the main roles of thIMG_1681e foundation has been bringing a tablet scheme; providing the tablets, learning software and means
of secure storage.

The software on the tablets is transferable onto the laptops we brought to Ramlakan last year, therefore our next step at Ramlakan is to find a means of securing the soft
ware for their use. We also found the storage boxes that the tablets were housed in particularly innovative. The foundation has designed and manufactured the boxes themselves so that they are light and therefore able to be moved from classroom to classroom. They are also fitted with charging cables so each tablet can be charged overnight. We hope to be able to transfer this design to sIMG_1708ome-thing we can store the laptops in
at Ramlakan.

A particular joy for us was to visit a grade 7 class and read Fantastic Mr Fox with them! It was amazing for us to interact with the children on such a whistle-stop visit!
We returned to our beloved Ramlakan primary school today to see what progress has bee
n made, and we are so proud of the was Ms Kaunda has taken such good care of the library and of the improvements in the learners’ literacy skills.

We were treated to an incredible showcase of poems and reading from Grade R all the way to Grade 7, and their skills blew us away.

We are very excited that a teacher at Ramlakan has undertaken a librarian-training course and is now taking a lead role in organizing the library. Ramlakan has also started to secure a few books from the local Municipal, now that they have the facility for them.IMG_1718

We would like to say a massive thank you to Ms. Kaunda for her hospitality, and we hope to visit you again soon!


Now we look forward to starting our project Macambeni; to build a library-cum-community centre in the next 2 years. Jump-starting this, we had the pleasure of speaking to Nkonzo Mhlongo who works in building up the infrastructure in local rural communities. We are looking forward to collaborating with her in bringing materials in the form of books to this area.

(Thankfully the 500kg of books we brought with us have been cleared from customs as of this morning!)

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