The main aim of today was to bring half of the 15 boxes of books to Ekunzemalunda Primary School in Macambini. Ekunzemalunda has approximately 350 learners and virtually no reading resources.

We spent a large bulk of time organising the books to forma  similar library system to the one we set up in Ramlakan. Our system is advantageous because it allows us to inventory all the books in the library, organise them into categories using colours and with the fiction, in alphabetical order. As the schools receive more books, they can easily add the new additions into the book log.

EkunzeIMG_1755malunda received approximately 450 high quality fiction books and 200 non-fiction. There were so many books that we had trouble sorting them all in just one day, and will continue this process tomorrow. Helping us set up the system was the teacher who would be responsible for the library when we leave and Sean gave up his valuable time to put up shelves, for which we are very grateful for.

The school does not have it’s own stand alone library building, so we set up shelving in the schools admin office. The books will be taken from the library to the classrooms during the day for lessons, but to ensure that they all return safely, the books will not leave the school. This is slightly different to Ramlakan, where the books do not leave the library, but still a model that ensures security of the books.

It was so lovely to interact with the teachers and we even made a friend by the end of the day! We are hugely grateful to the Principal for so generously welcoming us into his beautiful school.

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