Our Projects


Current Projects 2016:

For the summer of 2016 we are visiting multiple schools in the KwaZululand; St Christopher’s, Ekenzemulunda and Ebendle Primary Schools. We hope to achieve the same thing as last year and be able to create another worthwhile library, or collection of books functioning as a library as the schools do not have a designated library room. We also hope to bring visitors from surrounding schools back to Ramlakan, so that they can see the difference that the library and computers have made to the school.

A more recent development has been scouting a site which has the potential to house a standalone library which will serve a whole community. We hope that this can be built by 2018 and we are very excited about the prospect. We will be starting a fundraising campaign for this in the near future, but in the meantime, if you feel able to, a PayPal donation would be hugely appreciated.

We already have a large amount of books piling up, but we would still appreciate any kind donations. We have seen first hand what a difference the library has made.  The children are so proud and have gained in self-esteem.  A teacher from the school has undertaken a Librarian’s course, and is now fully qualified to organise the Library and best advise the learners on how to use the resources. Please help us to bring the joy of reading to even more children.

Completed project 2015:

We have completed our first project; working with the Ramlakan Primary School, Sans Souci, South Africa to donate books to fill their empty shelves. In August 2015 we set out to Durban Airport with 8 suitcases and many boxes of books sent out ahead of us.

The new library now has over 1000 newly loved books, 10 laptops and are working on an after school program to provide a safe after-school study room for former pupils, who can utilise the more complicated reference books.


We would like to thank the Ramlakan Primary School for welcoming us so readily and Cara for hosting us. 🙂 Read more on a local press update.