Back again!

We arrived in Durban earlier today and are super excited to get started on everything that we have planned.
This visit is focusing on spreading and introducing the project to more schools with the intent to create a longstanding friendship of support. If all goes to plan, we could be looking at building a community centre/library in 2017 between Ebendle Primary School and Enkunzemulunga Primary School. For this we will bestarting a large fundraising campaign in the near future.

We are visiting St Christopher’s primary school, who have a collection of tablet . The software for these tablets, and other supportive initiatives like sports teams and extracurricular activities, is provided by the MRP foundation, whose model we hope to learn lots from.

We also hope to return to the lovely Ramlakan Primary school to bring further books and find out how the library is functioning a year on.

We have arrived with 15 boxes of books! The main bulk of these will go towards Ebendle and Enkunzemelunga, who do not have a prebuilt library, so our first step will be providing the books a home for the short term. This will either be in secure shelving in teachers offices or a mobile ‘library box’, which will allow the learners to use the books even though they lack the facility to house them. The next step would be to house the books from both schools in a shared community library.

We are very excited and looking forwards to the next couple of days…

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