About Us


Bella Mclaughlan donating books in Uganda

In 2011 Bella McLaughlan, then aged 11, raised money to go to Uganda with the Tag Rugby and Netball Trust to be a part of their sport coaching programme for children.  Prior to making the trip Bella won a full set of Michael Murpurgo books in an English competition at her school and decided to take them with her on the tour to donate to one of the schools.  The school that she visited didn’t have any books at all and she was pleased to be able to leave some behind for the children she had met.  She was determined to try and one day make a real difference to other schools and local communities through the gift of books and reading.

At the end of 2014 together with Clara; Liberation Libraries was formed.   The girls want to share their own love of books and reading with others.

In January 2015 the girls made contact with a Ramlankan Primary School that have no books to fill their shelves. So our first goal was to fill those shelves, and having completed that at the end of 2015 we are now looking at another school, to fill their shelves with books.

This is going to be done by collecting books from friends, associations, in fact anyone who would like to contribute.   They are looking for books suitable for 6-12 year olds – in particular an old set of children’s encyclopedias, picture books, story books or any well illustrated non-fiction books.  The books they collect will really help to enhance the children’s learning.

The girls plan to deliver the books over the Summer 2015. ( If you have books you would like to donate please contact us, visit the contact page.)

We would eventually like to build a stand alone library, hopefully by the end of 2018, and move to supplying more schools across the world with ever needed books.