Donating Books

We have donated 3500+ books over the lasts 2 years, which form our libraries, under our own simple but effective library system

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Our Schools

We have visited 4 schools in the KwaZulu-natal province of South Africa, to set out our libraries.

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Resource Centre

We intend to build a resource centre in Macambini, South Africa by 2018

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Welcome to Liberation Libraries

We are a charitable initiative started by friends Isabella McLaughlan and Clara Portwood in December 2014, with the vision to bring to joy of books to communities who do not have access to libraries.

Our Mission


Here at Liberation Libraries, we want every child to grow up with a quality book, whether it be a picture book or an encyclopaedia. Even better, we want every child to have access to a whole collection of books, to have to opportunity to choose.

In all of our lives, books have been an invaluable stepping stone in terms of vocabulary expansion, mental stimulation, development of imagination and so much more.

What's more; we LOVE books. Even in a technological era where millions of books can be found online, there is nothing better than a book which has been read before. 

We also believe, that while technology is a valuable learning tool, the book cannot yet be replaced, so at the heart of our initiative is to supply the book. 

Therefore, Bella and Clara (with the help of many others...)thank you to all our helpers..)) started a project to bring books to places where there are none. Our thinking is that if the books we supply only impact a handful of lives, it will have been worthwhile.

While we want every child to have a book, we are grateful to have the opportunity to make this true for some.

In case you need any more convincing on why books are important, you can find it here.


Notice: Current Activity

Since our last visit, there has been lots of activity on furthering the Multi-Resource Centre Project in Macambini. Much of this has been undertaken by Cara Dunlop. We are very excited to move into the future, with the changes this growth may bring. 

Cara has met with potential stakeholders and others interested in the project in the last few weeks, including Project Build, Tongaat Hulett, and Sima Misa. 

We are expecting, as the momentum of the project grows, to hand over large deals of organising to Cara and her team. However we will still remain a part of the planning and undertaking of the project, and focus on collecting more books.

Finally, we would like to pass on a huge 'Thank You' to any of our interested parties.


We focus on primary schools in the Kwa-Zulu-natal region in South Africa. From now onwards we will be working with rural schools in the Macambimi area.

In 2015 we brough 1000+ books to Ramlakan Primary School, Sans Souci, South Africa, to install our first ever library system. We spent 3 days at the school getting to know the learners and teachers, and instructing the teachers on how to maintain the library system. 1 year later and we are stunned by the way the library has impacted the education of the learners. Their literacy in Zulu is universal from age 6, and by 7 a large number of children have exceptionally good English Literacy. This is a huge, almost unexpected leap from what we saw last year, and it has been so encouraging to see the positive impact that will only grow over time.

Over our 2016 trip we visited 3 further schools. The bulk of the 1500+ books was received by Ekunzemulunda Primary School and Ebendle Primary School, where we installed similar but sized-down models of Ramlakan Library.

We also scouted out a site for our latest project; to refurbish and build on from a derelict building, a resource centre for the Macambini community and serve the 16 schools within it. The future looks very exciting...